Turning Question

Bilgehan Özis
Marc Lingk

Elektronisches Glück & SchalterEgo - Berlin/Istanbul

Elektronisches Glück consists of Berlin based electronic musician, trombonist Marc Lingk and flutist Klaus Schöpp from the Modern Art Sextett. They have been established under this name since 2006 and collaborating with other musicians and visual artists. With their new project "Turning Question" electronic musician Bilgehan Ozis contributes them.

Their sound is everything from ear tinkling sound sculpts, to folk music samples, from dubby baselines to broken beats or from dark drone sound layers to super intricate lines blown from Klaus's flute. Elektronisches Glück takes music as a process in which the line between live and sampled blurs through improvisation.

In "Turning Question" Elektronisches Glück goes beyond the idea of questioning. The instruments bring about a notion of inner worlds, from where they can continue to the next level. A small encounter, that reaches synergy and then follows its own path lingering in space. We witness a dramaturgy of a washing machine combined by the lethargy of a pacemaker, a traffic light, a seismograph or a radar. Existing without dominating. They are there to keep track, to assure a forthcoming, but eventually they are exposed to a state of eruption that they observe, state, document, to then level back to zero. What a luck.